Advanced non-destructive tests

APPCO (ASARE PARDAZ PASARGAD) is recognized as a valid and reputed brand and titled in field of non-destructive tests, technical inspection and quality control services in oil, gas and petrochemical areas. One of the most specialized activities of this company is to accomplish non-destructive can be said that most well-known and most useful methods in this field in country`s industry is ultrasonic tests (PAUT & TOFD). In this method like common ultrasonic waves used for diagnosis and investigate of defects. The different is that in this method of multi-elements probes are replaced with single elements and using an ultrasonic scan replaces mechanical scan which will reduce the inspection time and record the test range. Briefly the advantages of the phased array methods are described below:

1-    Having a permanent document from all stages of inspection and scanning.

2-    View the concurrent Image of the A-scan, B-scan, C-scan on the screen.

3-    Displaying three image of the END-view and TOP-view and SIDE-view of the defects.

4-    Possibility of scrutiny of depth and discontinuity.

5-    Increase the speed of the inspection.

6-    Increase safety factor of inspection.

7-    Reduction of safety risks.

8-    No need to access both sides of the work pieces.

9-    Possibility to inspect thick parts.

Other non-destructive tests that can performed by this company are:

1-    Corrosion mapping and evaluation.

2-    Eddy current testing.

3-    Internal and external magnetic flux leakage testing for pipes and tanks (MFL).

Surface long range ultrasonic testing (LR-UT).