Lifts inspections

recently construction of tall buildings in all provinces of the country has been increasing rapidly and every day we can see the expansion of tall buildings in most of Iran`s cities. Fast access to the upper floors in these towers requires high-speed lifts and without these lifts the construction of these towers doesn’t make sense, therefor the lift industry has made great strides to speed up & reduces energy consumption. Due to the risks of non-standardization of lifts, the most important parts of each lift is its safety and essential parts of its requirements, it`s obvious that the use of various equipment and techniques about ensure the safety of users, service mans and person who passing through lifts and carry out pre-commissioning tests and also periodic inspections to ensure their safety are quite neccessary.

APPCO with approval of the competence of lift technical inspection, from the national standard organization of Iran is prepared to provide an inspection of all types of lifts at the shortest time and issue the relevant certifications.

lift inspection unit services:

1-Inspection of passenger lift, patient lift, carrier lift, car lift, services.

2-Inspection of high speed electric lifts.

3-Inspection of motor roomless lifts (MRL).

4-Inspection of lift with different location of engine room.

5-Inspection of lift periodically.