Inspection of imported & exported goods

One of the main concerns of vendors (especially buyers) during international transactions and purchasing goods is about trusting other party and doubt about fulfilling the obligations assumed by him.

In this regard one of the choices that can be considered and with using that the seller`s responsibility is examined before freight shipping and after recieving money is usage of inspection companies services which can reduces future disagreements between buyer and seller by controlling and supervising of the purchased goods.

Today, good inspection companies are one of the most important components of global trade which they are used to control quantity, quality and packaging of goods and prevent the import and export of undesirable goods.

Some of the inspection services provided by the APPCO are as follows:


1-    Inspection during construction

In order to improve the quality and ensure the production capacity and observance of the correct methods in accordance with global standards, inspection during construction is carried out. Possible cases of qualitative and ineffective defects are specifically considered. It should be noted that there are some imperfections in products that appear only by inspection during construction. In construction of complex parts, many parts and materials are supplied from subcontractors. It’s obvious the quality of materials and input pieces is quite effective for the final product. Another aspect of inspection during construction is when a change happens in the production process, which may be due to various reasons such as increasing production capacity, using new machinary & etc.. The inspector must track and monitor accurately all changes of the final products quality.

2-    Inspection before departure

Is all activities related to the quality, quantity & price attestation, including the exchange rate, financial conditions or customs value & classification of the goods to be exported to the customs territory of the buyer`s country.

In other words, a pre-shipment inspection is an activity carried out by an inspection company directly by an importer (The Company or other applicants) or by the importing country to control the specific characteristics of the goods.

3-    Inspection certificate

Is a document which inspection companies verify the conformity of the imported goods with standards, criteria or technical specifications related by checking the documentation, checking the cargo, sampling & test results based on it.