productbox.modal.caption.before Ali Ahmadi Tabatabaei
Ali Ahmadi Tabatabaei

Chief Executive Officer

MSc. in Power Engineering – Control

productbox.modal.caption.before Mohammad Hosein Fahimi
Mohammad Hosein Fahimi

Chairman of board of directors

MSc. in Industrial Engineering

productbox.modal.caption.before Mohsen Nasrollahi
Mohsen Nasrollahi

Deputy chairman of board of directors

MSc. in Executive Management

productbox.modal.caption.before Ario Khoshghalb
Ario Khoshghalb

Welding inspection and Non-destructive testing technical manager

MSc. in Civil Engineering

productbox.modal.caption.before Mohamad Amin Mosta’ed
Mohamad Amin Mosta’ed

Technical manager of elevator inspection

MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

productbox.modal.caption.before Farshid Jahanfar
Farshid Jahanfar

Financial and Administrative manager

MSc. in Accounting

productbox.modal.caption.before Milad Ahmadi Tabatabaei
Milad Ahmadi Tabatabaei

Support and Informatics Manager

BSc. in Civil Engineering

productbox.modal.caption.before Shirin Amadi Tabatabaei
Shirin Amadi Tabatabaei

Quality assurance executor

MSc. in  Chemistry Engineering

productbox.modal.caption.before Sanaz Radmard
Sanaz Radmard

Technical manager of Civil Labratory Geology