Welding inspection & non-destructive tests (NDT)

ASARE PARDAZ PASARGAD (APPCO) engineering & inspection company is ready to provide technical inspection services & excellent supervision in construction structure, industrial, pipelines & transmission, powerhouse equipment, oil, gas, petrochemical with utilize from experienced engineers & modern equipment also with utilization from knowledge of international welding engineers that have confirmed by (ASNT), this company is ready to providing any type of consulting services in the field of welding engineering & non-destructive tests according to international standards & project complementation standards.

1-    Welding inspection services.

2-    General non-destructive tests as (UT), (VT), (PT), (MT), (RT).

3-    Supervising on construction & installation of construction, industrial and marine structures.

4-    Powerhouse equipment inspection.

5-    Wall thickness measurement (TM).

6-    All type of color & coating inspect.

7-    Preparation of welding procedures (instructions, directions) (WPS/PQR).

8-    Preparation instruction for non-destructive testing (NDT procedures)

9-    Presenting plans & creating the new methods of non-destructive tests for issues.