Pressure vessels inspection

By considering that the tanks are the main equipment used in the industry so inspection of these equipment has a special sensitivity. The inspection process consist of three categories which are as follows:

1-    Inspection before construction.

2-    Inspection during construction.

3-    Inspection after construction.

APPCO (ASARE PARDAZ PASARGAD) with experienced inspectors, accomplishes inspection process before and during the construction of pressure vessels according to (ASME SEC VIII) or other relevant national and international standards. The process of inspection contains following steps:

1-    checking documents, including approved maps and documentation of welding process and qualification of welders (WPS) (PQR) (WPQ).

2-    Inspection of materials and consumable pieces.

3-    Dimensional inspections.

4-    Visual inspection report of the levels and edges.

5-    Visual inspection of weld positions.

6-    Radiographic or ultrasonic test of welded parts in accordance with relevant standards requirements.

7-    Supervising hydrostatic testing.

8-    Supervision of the heat treatment operation if needed.

Inspection after construction is accomplished based on operation pressure or design pressure.

Hydrostatic and Pneumatic tests take place after construction on the body, lenses, nozzles, piping, fitting and accessories of tanks. In these tests, the resistance of above components in both welding sections and base metal is examined at the test pressure.