Quality Policy

ASARE PARDAZ PASARGAD technical inspection company`s policy is based on the utilization of engineering capabilities & the provision of quality inspection services, due to national & international rules & standards to employers in technical inspection. therefore the company`s management plans to implement the inspection management system on the basis of 17020INSO-ISO-IEC standard and the improvement of its own process ensure the following objects:

1- Increase market share by contracting new contract & increasing manpower & new equipment.

2- An attempt to expand the scope of inspection activities.

3- Improving satisfaction & improve the level of knowledge & skills of the company`s staff in accordance with the requirements & technical inspection requirements & inspection of the organization`s inspection management system.

4- Continuous improvement of the quality of inspection service through constructive & effective interaction with academic, scientific & research centers & validated technical inspection in the country & abroad.

5- Improve the reliability of the results of inspection through the design & implementation of an inspection management system.

6- Increasing the satisfaction level of customers & all stakeholders by improving the inspection system & developing the range of specialized activities.

In this way ASARE PARDAZ PASARGAD as the technical inspection structure undertake to provide the necessary resources & infrastructures & the employee understand & respond to the goals set forth above.